Live like a weathly merchant in Ancient China! The Real Experience!

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“I was a wealthy merchant 500 years ago…my home was full of carved wood and art and lavish fabrics..I had a staff eager to please my every need..I sat in my warm lush living room looking at the last bits of the sun as it set over my ornate terra cotta roof…

This is a review of Mr Jings Residence..where you get to pretend to live in another time and place…

Pingyao is an ancient walled city cut off from car traffic that looks and operates as it has for a thousand years. If you want to experience historical China this is the place to visit! It’s crowded with Chinese tourists in spring and summer but still a must see. In a day you can do a quick tour and see the many restored museums, temples and explore the nooks and and secret walkways that make up this city. (…)The courtyards and sitting spaces laced into the ancient buildings..all your own private sanctuary in warmer weather…
The restaurant chef and Jing’s Restaurant staff were excellent. Unlike a lot of problems with service in China, the folks at Jing’s were helpful, friendly and eager to please. A diverse menu of Thai, Chinese and western food was great. Their spring rolls were light, crispy and perfect!!! My Thai peanut chicken was sooo good! I wondered how the chef could source food in the dead of winter..but amazingly he did!My husband had pork that was fresh and savory.
The folks at Jing’s were always there to help..they even packed us a picnic of banana chocolate bread for our train ride to Beijing.

This place is ancient, quiet and yet modern and luxurious. A must do for any visit to China! Bluntly, I would put Pingyao on any travel plan just to stay at Jing’s Residence…It was that good!”

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