Like a Hyatt in Hahoe

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The accommodation lived up to all expectations as it was luxurious***. The bedding, to be laid on the warm ondol floor, consisted of a mattress and blanket. The quality and thickness of both were excellent and we slept well on both nights. The attached bathroom was a real bonus – traditionally bathrooms were in a separate building. Breakfast on the first morning consisted of abalone porridge and grilled salted mackeral (a specialty in Andong). On the second morning we had a Western breakfast of eggs, mini frankfurters, yogurt and toast/jam/butter. if you are staying for one night I am sure you can specify which type of breakfast you prefer. The whole of Hahoe folk village is a UNESCO world heritage site, and so you have to expect busloads of tourists who come for the day. In fact, some of them even walked up to our house to try to have a look in, whilst we were sitting there in the sunshine. There are no gates and the entire village is a museum of sorts. Near to the entrance of the village are restaurants. We simply picked one for lunch one day, based on the picture of ‘Andong chicken’ on the window. It was perfectly fine. You can also try Andong chicken in the market in Andong town.