incredible stay

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I along with my husband and our close friends had the pleasure of visiting this property. we were thrilled and beyond happy to be in such a beautiful castle. it was truly like a fairy tale and words can do no justice to the grandeur of the castle. Mr Dalpat, the owner was kind enough to make arrangements for our group, like a very special diner buffet along with traditional Rajasthani folk singers and dancers, in fact it was a pleasant surprise and one organized specially in hour of our marriage that took place 2 days before our arrival. The property is stunning, the service is very good , and they has a very well mannered staff.. It also boasts of a Horse stable which was a very nice addition as Mr Dalpat took us personally to see all the beautiful Polo horses and we got to interact and get some great pictures. The Rooms are beautiful and the bathrooms very clean, all the rooms have a certain charm to them and you truly feel like Royalty. The next morning breakfast by the garden was a treat as well and everyone enjoyed the rustic yet elegant truly Indian experience.I would Highly recommend this place for a unique and a memorable stay.