Idyllic location, friendly service and a cat to play with :-)

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“Super location at the edge of the Hahoe village, this hotel offers a unique opportunity to experience lodging in traditional Korean style, though with some modern amenities coming along. Upon arriving the hostess offers tea or juice and asks you what time you’d like to have breakfast the next morning and wether that would be Korean or continental. We chose the Korean one, which included abalone porridge and bbq’ed mackarel – simply delicious! The room has A/C, a flat TV and a nice and clean bathroom, with a jacuzzi bath made from pinewood. The minibar offers free bottled water and next to that there are some cupnoodles. Dining isn’t possible, so for diner you should go the the entrance of the village, where there are several restaurants, but they all close at 19h, so you have to be there early. A nice bonus, if you like pets, is the fact that there’s a lovely reddish cat at the hotel, who lies on the balcony and comes to you to play with.
The hotel also offers free laundry when you stay at least one night.
The downside, if you wish, is the Korean style bedding, which can be tough for people with back problems, and the fact there’s quite some wildlife around – crickets, dragonflies, etc. Opposite of the hotel, when you cross the river, is a cliff that offers spectacular views on the whole village. To conclude, for one or two nights max, this is a unique place to stay at.”