I would return to Siem Reap just to eat here again! Top, top food!!

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“In short I absolutely loved this restaurant and the food we ate here!!

For me our meal here was one the highlights of Siem Reap – possibly better than battling the crowds at some of the temples! In fact it was 7 months ago but I cannot forget how good it was. Probably one of the best meals I ate anywhere this year or ever in SE Asia.

Lovely building (traditional wooden house) set in a nice garden. We caught a taxi to get there as was a little out of town but really not far and definitely worth the 5 or so minute ride.

We shared starters including yummy scallops but the highlight was the marinated frogs legs that were served perched around the most deliciously garlicky wild mushroom tart. Heaven on a plate! I had the most amazing grilled king or tiger prawns drizzled with curry sauce and rice crackers whilst hubby had their infamous pork ribs with french fries. I wasn’t wild about the ribs but hubby loved them and preferred them to my prawns. So happily there was less sharing on that course. For dessert I had Mango Banana Sombai made with the local sombai liquer – looked like mush but tasted divine – no sharing! Hubby had chocolate cake with ice cream.

We also had a lovely bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc (Anakena) and I think a cocktail and beer to start.

A must go for foodies who appreciate well made food! Would recommend eating slightly earlier than we did as it closes at 9.15pm and was a little quiet by the time we arrived for our 8pm reservation and empty when we left. A 7pm may have been better. Book in advance so you do not miss!

Only disconcerting part was eating the delicious frog legs against what I think was the sound of frogs croaking in the garden although we could swear their calls dropped whilst we ate them ;-)”