Highly recommended for the business traveller too….

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I will not add to the other reviews which compliment the ambiance, the environment, the comfort, the wonderful and immaculate staff who know each guest’s name and take an appropriate interest, the individuality of rooms, the food [fantastic!], the decor, the feeling of being in a living piece of history and art, the foliage that seems to be part of the building, the pools and fish ponds that just are part of the environment too…..This hotel is a perfect as a hotel can be.  I stayed here for a work visit – and although almost everyone else was on holiday, it seemed, our needs were perfectly catered for. The wit is a little bit slow inside the room, but a beautiful table and chairs were set out outside my door for use as an office space. The wifi was perfect there and it was nicer to sit there and see the beauty of the trees and water and to hear the water. If you are a tourist, I am sure that this hotel is perfect – but if you are on business, it is also perfect. The inconspicuous support was very much appreciated.