Great and unexpected gem

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“I’m really glad that we stopped in here to get some food. The food is phenomenal, and the preparation and presentation is quite unique. It’s a different take on Thai food, and the folks who work there had time to talk to us, and give us an education on how they source the food, from farm-to-table, and have relationships with actual farmers. The head chef even brought us different types of brown rice to show differences.
I enjoyed their take on Tom Yam. I think one of the wonderful things they understand is that food IS medicine and it can heal you.
I also like that they travel quite a bit, so they have a sophisticated palate, and introduce you to food you’ve already had, and make it in a new, and creative way.
The dessert was also great. It wasn’t overwhelming, like it sometimes can be. I ended up taking a lot of photos because they have some of the best presentation around.
Thank you, Samuay & Sons!!!!”