Glamping with a Conscience

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I love travelling and always chose to camp, and as it’s in my bucket list, I went to luxury style of camping. And man,i was shocked!
This lodge is more than just camping! They are so enganged with the preservation of the flora & fauna in this rainforest,and they are very involved in community projects, amazing!
Of course i asked about what things i could do during my 2 days stay.
And they suggested that I visit a place called Kokong knong (not sure of spelling!)
4Rivers team are raising funds to build a proper classrom for more than 30 students in this village. Guess what? This village is almost 2 hours away (by boat) from 4rivers floating lodge,but they were so thoughtful of the people here!
The 2 days is the most fulfilling, most fun camping experience i have ever had.
Now, I changed my bucket list. I am now looking for places that have the same passion and uniqueness as this lodge. I love camping!