Escape and Peacefulness in a Traditional Setting

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Staying in this Hanok and also in Hahoe Village is for those who wish to spend time in a quiet village, which essentially closes down by 6 pm. The Hanok is traditional with outdoor space for breakfast, which was a choice of traditional Korean or Continental — on your own for dinner so consider bringing food in or eating before returning. We spend early mornings and evenings in Hahoe village enjoying our Hanok area outside of our room in the open spaces, reading, listening to the birds and drinking tea. Our hikes were early in am out of the village to a monastery in the mountains across rice paddies to explore the local farm area. We visited Andong by public bus, which one needs to plan as there is a schedule. Again depending on how one travels, we enjoyed the exploration in am and evenings of local, village life and took bus to city for late lunch or early dinners.