Destination: Another world

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This is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever stayed in. Architect designed as a labour of love. The inspiration for the buildings has been gleaned from chinese courtyard hotels, roman peristyles, palladian, and 20th century modern. The result – perfection. I immersed myself in the architect’s thinking, enjoying an afternoon in the library surrounded by his architecture, art and design books, and enjoying a glass of brandy. Every angle and line in this small boutique complex is simple, harmonious and peaceful. The hotel is hidden behind a series of courtyards, taking you deeper into the private and serene inner sanctum of the hotel. The main courtyard has the rooms leading off either side and at the end, and looks like it may have been built 600 years ago.There is a central “longhouse” style open area where we enjoyed a glass of wine at the end of each day, lounging on the sofas and browsing the art books and the decorative displays. The rooms are spacious, clean, comfortable and well appointed. Nice bathrooms, lovely furniture, modern TV and audio, and more art books :). The pool is beside the main courtyard and behind the library. This pool area is a little more modern, resort hotel in style, but still beautifully designed. The pool is bright and clear, and refreshing. A house at the end of the pool provide towels, and upstairs you can have a massage. There is a restaurant and a boutique at the front of the hotel. There are many cafes, restaurants, sights, and shops within walking distance, the hotel being not far from the wall and close to several temples. A tuk tuk will take you further if it is too far to walk. However, I really didn’t want to leave.