Best Dives And Extreme Friendly Atmosphere At The End Of The World

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“Just returned from Misool, and we really feel honored having experienced the Raja Ampat dives and the Misool family excitingly friendly and highly professionally organized.
Up to 5 dives are offered daily, perfectly organized, no need to apply for or cancel of the dives as guests’ equipment is always cleaned and deposited on the boat, the dive guides are highly experienced and strictly focussed on guests well-being, in particular without limitation to Fans and his team from Manado (…) The whole team is organized in an utmost friendly and familiar way, they make guests feel at home and keep them well-being and smiling all day long, without the burden of organization matters, appointments, discussions, paperstuff etc. They manage to organize everything extremely competent behind the scene, performing the outcome to the guest in an extremely personal, friendly and family-like way, and this is the difference to well-known 5* resorts. Apart from the extremely positive eco factor, motivating eco-friendly guests to be part of that nature protecting community (…) we will definitely come back to Misool, that unique place in the exciting Raja Ampat, and we already miss the excitingly friendly Misool Team! Wishing you a good season, and please stay as you are!”