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“After some extensive research for the best hanok styled room in Seoul – we chose Rakkojae and it was the best decision we have made in our trip to Korea.

We caught the subway to Rakkojae and it was quite a lengthy walk but it was all worth it because you got to see all nice surrounding Bukchon neighbourhood. The vibe of the place was fantastic, surreal and such a dream. We went to Seoul at the peak of winter and luckily the rooms were installed with heated floors!

The toilet and shower/bath and sauna is fantastic. I would rate the room and place we stayed in 5 stars. Everything about the place was so great. The staff (Uci/Upi) were so amazing. We had a bell that we could ring and they would come in to see what we need. And sometimes they would even come in and have a small conversational talk. The food they provided was also 5 stars. It was amazingly delicious!