Amazing dives, beautiful accommodations, and conservation in action. It doesn’t get any better!

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We stayed at Misool for 12 days in May and absolutely loved it! The water cottage was just as pictured, and it was great to have that beautiful view and nice breeze the whole time. We never shut our doors or used the air conditioner once, it just wasn’t necessary. The netting around our bed was sufficient to keep the few mosquitoes at bay. My husband never gets bit and I always do, it was no different here, but my DEET-free Herbal Armor repellant worked just fine. The owners and staff were all very friendly and always with warm, genuine smiles making us feel right at home. Always attentive and approachable, easy to talk to and fun to joke with.  Of course, the diving was the best part and seeing the Mantas was the highlight of the trip, so exciting to be so close to these beautiful, majestic creatures! The abundance and diversity of the coral, fish, and creatures was amazing, every dive was great. We loved seeing lots of sharks: black-tip, white-tip, and gray reef sharks as well as the wobbegongs and we also enjoyed snorkeling with the baby sharks in the lagoon. The giant groupers that hang out under the dock are definitely worth checking out.  We really enjoyed the presentations on the creation of the resort itself, the biodiversity of the area, and the conservation efforts underway. They are serious about conservation, and protecting the no-take zone. We saw first-hand one day on our way back from a dive, the boat crew spotted a possible fishing boat in the area and radioed its location to the nearest ranger station to go check it out and they were right on it. It’s a good feeling to know that the money we’re spending here is truly supporting the conservation of this area as well as education in the nearby villages. Overall, a wonderful experience and one we intend to repeat as soon as possible! Since it is a long journey we definitely recommend at least a 12-day stay.