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“My husband and I stayed at the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in October for 5 nights and it was simply not enough! We loved the resort, its surroundings, tours and people working in it so much, that we felt like staying there forever! It was superb!
The journey to the resort is spectacular! Nature surrounding the lodge is simply magnificent! Real paradise! We truly loved it!
The lodge itself is wonderful, very well laid-out and well-decorated. Rooms are really spacious and the shower wooden cabin is fabulous!
Tours are fabulous! Really interesting and definitely worth taking. The lovely guides are incredibly accommodating and very friendly. In fact, they were fantastic. We really enjoyed our time with them and we actually wish we took few more tours with them.
The wonderful restaurant requires a special praise! It was superb!!!! The food was delicious and really plentiful. We were spoilt and we loved it! And the wonderful and really talented chef is only 17! His food was superb! Gordon Ramsey has a serious competition there!
The wonderful young men working at the front of the house and restaurant were incredibly sweet and hospitable! They were true gentlemen! Incredibly welcoming and kind.
We will definitely miss everyone at the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge! It was superb!
Huge thank you to everyone at the resort for making our time simply magical!
With much appreciation, Olga and Alan White from Ireland!”