A World of Superlatives – A World-Class Gem

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“(…) Arriving at the resort, we were just slack jawed by the beauty of the property and setting. What Andy and Marit Miner have created is nothing short of spectacular,……..most especially when you consider where you are, and the sheer effort it took to build this place. And maintain it to such a high degree. We were well cared for by all the staff throughout the week. The levels of service at this property represent the very highest standards of hospitality one will receive anywhere. We really had the impression, based on repeated and observed interactions that EVERYONE was focused on our well-being. (…) Misool Eco Resort is a unique, special and world-class resort. In a life already well-traveled, I can tell you this Resort is a gem. Every facet of our experience can be described by superlatives.

Make the investment. You will treasure the anticipation, the doing, and the memories. There is really just no other place like Raja Ampat, and Misool Eco Resort is the jewel in that crown!”