A wonderful experience filled with lessons

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“The scenic view of the forest along the riverbank, the serenity of the untamed Koh Kong wilderness, and the natural beauty that surrounds 4 Rivers is what makes this place a paradise hidden in the wild.

My visit to 4 Rivers was for our school trip, and it was also my first time going to Koh Kong. As a city girl, the hustle and bustle of the city is what I’m used to and, frankly speaking, it’s also what I’m tired of. This trip was my opportunity to get faraway from my urban surroundings for a while, so jumping onto that opportunity is what I did. What ensued was a three-day trip full of tranquility, exhilaration, and adventure. For however long it lasted, the trip to 4 Rivers was an unforgettable experience.

We were taken care of very well; in the sense of what precautions to take during our stay at a resort located in primitive areas. The food there is also very well prepared, and is very delicious. The staff was very friendly, and would always try to check in with us to see how we’re doing. In addition, 4 Rivers not only helps to protect the environment, but are also supportive of the local community’s lifestyle. They provide jobs for the Tatai villagers, and seek help in anyway they can for the local residences.

During my stay there, I got to meet people who are not only dedicated to what they do, but are also firm in their determination and beliefs in their work. They were very generous yet outgoing, and that made me feel right at home. The staff at 4 Rivers are people who has a level head on their shoulders, yet their wild spirit welcomes all. To me, 4 Rivers is like a home away from civilization, where everyone is welcomed and accepted, no matter what. It’s a place where passion resides, where hardwork blossoms, where integrity ripens.”