A Real “Korean” Experience in a Lovely Setting

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Let me start by saying that the Hahoe Village is very much worth seeing in the first place. Only about 200 families live there and the architecture is 100% authentic and historic. Nestled in a river bend, it’s also a must to drive to the top of a set of cliffs opposite the village for the view overlooking the village. Rakkojae Hanok is right next to the river, so the view from there is the river and the cliff. Very peaceful and lovely. As is the case with traditional Korean housing, each room is it’s own individual house. Unlike traditional housing, each of these 4 little houses has it’s own attached first-class bath with teak whirlpool tub and shower. The room has other “modern hotel” touches, such as a refrigerator (with complimentary water) and an electric water kettle, as well as air conditioning and wifi. Heating is done the traditional Ondol way, which is in the floor. The rooms come with traditional bedding, which is cushiony pads directly on the floor. Though I’ve been in Korea for a couple of years, I had never slept on this type of bed and was worried about it, but it was REALLY comfortable, and since it was chilly when we were there, the in-floor heating really helps to relax your muscles and feel cozy. Also in the room was a little table for 4 (on-floor seating), and there was a small outdoor porch with a table and chairs. We asked for the Korean breakfast, which included some of the best grilled fish I’ve ever had, plus tea and yogurt and porridge. Delicious! We were there with our two kids (ages 11 and 14) and they loved the place. I can recommend it without reservation.