A masterfully curated sophisticated hotel

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“I could not wait to write this review as I was quite moved with the beauty and perfection in design of this elegant property. As an interior designer I adore traveling and observing beautiful interior design around the globe. This property is one of my favorites due to the masterfully curated art and antiques that abound within it. These things When paired with lovely, harmonious architecture and landscape design makes for a keen visual and sensual experience. I have great admiration for the creators of the environment called Rachamankha. The interior spaces, including the hotel rooms are beautiful appointed by a designer who employed restraint to produce balanced, perfectly appointed spaces that evoke a feeling of affluence and history. I especially enjoyed the attention to fine details like handmade candies in dishes, and a sensual decanter of cognac in the beautiful wood paneled Library which was teeming with books of art, travel, history and design.
The proximity of this hotel is also of importance. It resides on a quiet street in the old town of Chiang Mai. The old town is very quaint and filled with history and charm while most of the other hotels are located in the riotous and poorly planned concrete sprawl of the newer part of the city. The calm and serene vibe that Rachamankha exudes is greatly helped by where it is located. The staff is reserved and sweet and eager to please without making a spectacle. It’s as if they personify the quiet and humble sophistication that IS this property. If you enjoy the nuances of fine taste and refinement, this is the place for you.”