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Secret Dinner

Embark on a Secret Dinner

Secret Dinners are one-off events that embody the story of a place. Through providing an exquisite, carefully selected setting, an unprecedented culinary experience with a top range of fine wine, Secret Dinners will surpass any of your previous dining experiences and ensure that your evening is nothing short of magical.

Secret Dinner events can range from arriving by private jet in the dense jungles of Malaysia, to candle-lit alfresco dining prepared by a 3 Star Michelin Chef amidst ancient temples, to exclusive dining in the heritage homes of princes and princesses. Secret Dinners are put together by a collaboration of three distinctive bespoke brands: Secret Retreats, Lotus Arts de Vivre and Italian Fine Wines. A well-rounded partnership, the visionaries behind Secret Dinners understand the needs of today's discerning connoisseur and engage the traveler in an authentic experience that connects them both to the people and spirit of a place.

Surprise your guests and let us arrange a Secret Dinner for you. Contact dream@secret-rertreats.com

Meet Your Chefs

Meet Your Chefs:
Gourmand seeker? Available exclusively through our Concierge Services, we take culinary experiences to new heights. Let us help you to plan a gastronomic journey through the region led by your very own Chef as a guide. Get a taste of the land as you meander through nearby farms, plantations and markets. Enhance your palate, and learn how local products and indigenous dishes are made. The educational taste of discovery promises to linger long after the voyage has been savoured.

Imagine being in Bangkok, Hong Kong or Shanghai, where you will spend the morning taking a guided tour of the local market, or a farm, to purchase some fresh vegetables, eggs and other produce. You will then stop for lunch to sample some delicious indigenous street food. The afternoon will be spent cooking with the chef and end with a sit down dinner in the kitchen. For further information, please contact: dream@secret-retreats.com

Chef Jeremy Biasol in Hong Kong

Born in Lyons, France Jeremy Biasiol is the Executive Chef/Partner of Hong Kong's award-winning Mirror Restaurant. In addition to several Michelin star restaurants in France, Jeremy spent 11 years working for Master Chef Alain Ducasse. Beyond the stove, Jeremy's passion for food extends to his keen interest in travelling the world in search of new cooking styles, and adding to his ever-growing collection of over 600 cookbooks and vintage Michelin guides.

Join Jeremy for a riveting day in Hong Kong dedicated to food. Your morning shall commence with a visit to the local wet markets in Wanchai. Meandering around the stalls, Jeremy will introduce you to native Asian ingredients and together you shall select some of the best produce available that day. Upon your return to the kitchen, Jeremy will give you are private cooking class showcasing these ingredients. Jeremy will teach you a few key classic French cooking techniques, and the dishes that you will learn how to make shall have a distinctively modern yet simple French appeal, both in presentation and in taste. A dégustation session shall follow. After, you shall head out for lunch. Jeremy will take you to a very local eatery for dim sum, a place where the delicious meal promises be as authentic as the atmosphere.

In the afternoon, the culinary experience will continue with a visit to a Chinese cooking school, where you will be taught how to prepare some indigenous Chinese specialties. This will be followed by afternoon tea at one of the city's best teahouses.

To round out the exhilarating day, Jeremy will cook you a special dinner at his award-winning restaurant Mirror, which will be shared with other chefs and a few local food critics whom will share their thoughts and passion for the intoxicating foods and varied restaurants found throughout the bustling metropolis.

Chef Ton in Bangkok

Born and raised in Thailand, Ton is the Head Chef and Owner of Bangkok’s duo-concept Le Du Restaurant. Meaning “season” in Thai, Le Du serves European bistro cuisine for lunch, and modern Thai fare showcasing Thailand’s rich produce and centuries old culinary cultures for dinner. Ton’s passion for food began while he grew up savouring his grandmother’s delicious home cooked meals. Eager to pursue his dream to become a chef, he journeyed to the USA, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and obtained an MBA in Hospitality at Johnson & Wales University. After working in several Michelin-starred restaurants in New York City, including Eleven Madison Park, The Modern, and Jean Georges, Ton returned back to his homeland to open Le Du. Beyond the stove, he is also a wine enthusiast and a Certified Sommelier (CS) from The Court of Master Sommelier.

Join Ton in the morning starting at Bangkok’s biggest fresh market, Klong Toey Market, to see where he gets most of his produce. He will introduce you to real Thai ingredients and local herbs, then take you shopping for other fresh produce. You will then head back to Le Du, where he will personally teach you how to combine Asian and Thai flavours with modern French cooking techniques. After taking this uplifting class, you will be able to cook delicious modern Thai dishes to share with your friends and family back home.

Next, you will journey out together to savour authentic Thai street food along the Chao Phraya River. “Make sure that you are hungry because you will eat a lot. I mean it,” shares Ton.

Later that evening, you will be treated as Ton’s personal guest at Le Du, and sit down to enjoy a tantalising and memorable tasting menu prepared exclusively for you.

Chef Pola in Siem Reap

Inspired by his mother’s love for cooking, Chef Siv Pola grew up in Bankong, a lovely small village located just outside of Siem Reap. After spending four years working at a hotel in Siem Reap, first as a dishwasher, then as a waiter, receptionist, and purchasing officer, he left to work at the Hotel Novotel in Bahrain, and later at The Westin Grand Cayman. Grand Cayman inspired and gave him courage to pursue his passion to become a chef. For three years he worked 17 hours a day in order to save up enough money to go study at the Culinary Arts Academy of Switzerland. After training in Satigny at Domaine de Châteauvieux, in 2012, he returned home to Cambodia to fulfil his dream of opening up his own little restaurant.

Pola will meet you at your hotel at 8.00AM and from there you will head off for a tour of the local Phra Leu Market. During your 60-90 minute visit, he will introduce you to indigenous Cambodian produce including vegetables, meat, fish, fruit and local spices. A fascinating experience, some of these ingredients are truly exotic. He will also take you around to various street vendors so that you can sample a local few Cambodian dishes and snacks.

Afterwards, you will head back to Mie Café, and take a quick break with a refreshing tropical drink. You will then be given a list of recipes and a short briefing on what you are about to learn to cook. Once in the kitchen, you will help to prepare all the ingredients and enjoy an interactive cooking demonstration. Once all the dishes have been prepared, you will sit down to savour them over a leisurely lunch.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are available at:
Cooking ClassCooking ClassCooking Class

  • Chakrabongse Villas : classic Thai dishes such as Kaeng Khiew warn (Green Curry), Yum (Thai Salad) and Tom Yam Goong (Spicy Prawn Soup) or Tom Kha Kai /Pla (Coconut milk with Galangal soup and Chicken or Fish)

  • Supanniga Home : Isan cuisine such as Som Tum or Papaya pok pok

  • Satri House : Luang Prabang Papaya salad, Spring roll and red Curry Pork.

  • Muang-La Resort : use of local spices, aromatic herbs and locally grown vegetables, Lao traditional recipes.

  • The Samar : "the atelier des sens" -refined Khmer culinary traditions

  • The Jahan : Vietnamese and Cambodian delicacies such as deep fried Vietnamese spring rolls and Khmer Chicken Amok in Coconut milk

  • Villa Song Saigon : Vietnamese dishes such as Bo La Lot (minced beef, La Lot leaves, peanut sauce) Ca Kho To, (caramilised seabass), Chao Ca (rice soup, crispy fish) Goi Ga La Chanh (poached chicken, lemon leaves).

  • Jing's Residence : the secret art of Chinese noodles making - Shanxi noodles such as Fried Oats Noodle, Pulled Noodles, Mao Erduo (Cats Ear)

  • RakKoJae Seoul : Kimchi making experience

  • Tugu Lombok : Authentic Traditional Indonesian Gastronomy, with steamers on wood-fire terracotta stoves in the open kitchen, oil lamps and stone grinders

  • Tugu Malang : traditional Javanese dishes such as Nasi Goreng (Javanese fried rice) and also ethnic delicacies like Kue Cara Isi (traditional pancake with spicy chicken topping) and Kue Lumpur Telo Ungu (traditional pancake made from purple sweet potato).

  • Tugu Bali : at Waroeng Tugu, a unique lifestyle experience whispering hundred year old traditions. Ibu Soelastri, chef of fine Indonesian cuisine shares a selection of her mother's home cooking recipes.

  • Neeleshwar Hermitage : local Malabar dishes, Kerala spices and seafood

  • Governor’s House : Khmer Traditional cooking techniques and a choice of 20 recipes to learn .

  • Samanea Beach Spa Resort : a tour to the crab market and Kep wet market in tuktuk with our chef before starting the cooking class with local produce.

Local Flavours

Favourite Local Flavours
  • In Siem Reap, Cambodia
    Christian from The Samar Villas:
    I enjoy a range of small traditional Khmer appetisers and Indochinese sake. When friends visit I take them for Wat Damnak (local seasonal produce that includes influences from Khmer, Cham, Vietnamese, Chinese, and small ethnic minorities. It can be found at both the Psa Dey Hoy market and Angkor High School.

  • In Pingyao, Shanxi, China
    Yang Jing from Jing’s Residence:
    Yide is a simple, authentic old house that serves local cuisine. For a wider range of selections I recommend Yun Jin Cheng. My favourite food that I share with friends is stir-fried Kao Lao Lao (local oat noodle rolls), which we serve at Jing’s Residence.

  • In Beijing, China
    Shauna from 3+1 Bedrooms:
    My favourite dish to make at home is Hainanese chicken rice. For a real local experience I recommend trying out our Café Sambal.

  • In Bali, Indonesia
    Era from Tugu Bali:
    My personal favourite dish is Babi Guling Ibu Oka at Jalan Suweta at Tegal Sari No. 2 in Ubud.
    A standard plate includes generous slices of roasted pork, spiced pork, crackling, blood sausages, coconut, vegetables and rice. Two local dishes I highly recommend are Nasi Campur Warung Wardani at Jl. Yudistira in Denpasar and Nasi Goreng Bang Samin at Tugu. Nasi Campur (mixed rice) is a popular dish made with rice, fried prawns, beef, beef satay, shredded chicken, Balinese spicy eggs, stir-fried green beans and chilli sauce. Nasi Goreng Bang Samin is our signature dish that is served at all our Tugu hotels. It originated from Bang Samin, a fried-rice vendor from the streets of Lamongan in East Java. The traditional Javanese-style fried rice dish is mixed with noodles, red peppers, cabbage, chicken, prawns and melinjo crackers.

  • In Malang, East Java, Indonesia
    Yudha from Tugu Malang:
    My favourite dining experience is Rijtaffel. It is a rice platter with sweet soybean cakes, fried grated coconut with shredded beef, potato fritters, marinated beef, sweet and spicy chicken, turmeric pickles, long beans, peanut crackers, and chilli sauce. There are many local places that serve this, but I recommend the one at Tugu Malang. One local dish I share with friends is Soto Lombok, a Javanese style chicken soup found on Lombok Street. Another is Rawon Nguling, a Malang style beef soup served with steamed rice. You can find it on Jalan Zainal Arifin 62.

  • In Kinugawa, Japan
    Joji from Kinugawa Kanaya:
    My personal favourite is a special dish from Nikko called Yuba. It is served with rice. In Japan we call it yuba-don. Yuba is made with soybeans and is soft in texture. It is served at Hachiya, which is only a 3 minute walk from our hotel.

  • In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Federico from Villa Samadhi:
    My favourite cuisine is Chinese food in Malaysia. In the morning I enjoy either thick Hainanese bread toasted over charcoal, served with Kaya (a local spread made of coconut cream and screw pine leaves) and 2 fresh Kampung (village) eggs, or Nasi Lemak (a famous Malay rice dish cooked in coconut milk, served with sambal, peanuts and fried little dried fish). If I am having a late supper, I enjoy Bak Kut Teh (an herbal broth served with different pork parts and rice) or Sang Ha Mee (large flat rice noodles served with large fresh water prawns in an egg sauce). These dishes can be found everywhere in Malaysia. One of my favourite areas to take friends is Jalan Imbi, where there are many stalls and restaurants offering my favourites. As a perfect way to end dinner, you can find a good durian stall next to the Bak Kut Teh restaurant.

  • In Chiang Mai, Thailand
    Paul from Rachamankha:
    I enjoy a local dish called Kaeng Kanoon (jackfruit curry). It is a Lanna dish that is best enjoyed with friends, and includes sticky rice, a soup, a spicy salad and a vegetable dish. It is served at Huen Muen Jai, a very local restaurant located in an over 80 year old teak house. Another experience I recommend is to try the local street food stalls at the markets in the evenings, where you can enjoy a way of life that has remained unchanged for many generations.

  • In Khon Kaen, Thailand
    Eh from Supanniga Home:
    My favourite food is Kai Baan Yang (Isan grilled house chicken) and Tum Suo (spicy papaya salad with vermicelli in a fermented fish sauce). The best place for Kai Baan Yang is in Ampur Khao Suan Kwang, which is about 50km north of Khon Kaen City. My favourite Tum Suo place is at Somtum Der on Sala Daeng Road in Bangkok’s Silom area. When friends visit I bring them to Jaew Hon, so they can try Isan-style beef or pork hotpot. It is a special soup made in a clay pot with meat, egg yolk, sweet basil and morning glory that you dip into Jaew (spicy Isan chilli sauce).

  • In Bangkok, Thailand
    Ayaka from Maduzi Hotel:
    My favourite food is Kobe beef noodles. You can find it at Pu Raitiemthan at Pracha Uthit Road. I also like taking friends out for Thai seafood at Sorntong. It is a very informal Thai seafood spot on Rama IV Road that serves great grilled fresh seafood and some of the best crab fried rice in the city. They also have a good pork satay vendor stationed in front of the restaurant. The atmosphere is very relaxed and informal.

Romantic Escapes

Filled with privacy and charm, Secret Retreats has an exceptional array of romantic escapes, ideal sanctuaries in which to celebrate a honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, or special occasion.

Spa Indulgences

Pampering reaches new sensual heights with exquisite therapy services using local herbs, spices, even produce, compounded with age-old techniques from yesteryear. Each country has its own specialty.

Meditative Highlights

Seek out inner peace with an informative new outlook on life. From yoga at dawn to meditation practices that aim to refresh and restore your chi (energy) to an indigenous festival, Asia has so much to offer.

Arts and Culture

From art and handicrafts to dance and music, learn the artisanal skills of the local people. Join in on a memorable experience at a temple or embrace the land with a guided tour to soak in nature’s wonders. Just like its people, the possibilities in Asia are endless.

Taste of Asia

Savour a lifelong memory. Go to a local market with the chef and learn to prepare indigenous local dishes to make for your loved ones back home. Explore tea plantations, learn to plant rice in a paddy field, and so much more.

Nature & Adventure

Passionate about their land, our owners are experts on the place in which they dwell. Discover the beauty of nature and the thrill of adventure with one of the following activities


For discerning travellers who prefer to enjoy the privacy of a boutique hotel, yet still wish to play golf, Asia is a golfer’s paradise.

Corporate Retreats

The following properties offer a comprehensive range of facilities and services to suit your business needs—from a dedicated conference room with the latest technical equipment to an experienced concierge