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Bound by the South China Sea and other bodies of water to the west, and bordering China, Laos and Cambodia, heady Vietnam is filled with rich culture, diversity and charisma. Predominantly Buddhist and officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, its ethos is heavily influenced by the ancient Hindu Champa and Khmer empires, Southern China and French colonials. Comprising four main regions, which are divided into 58 provinces and 5 municipalities, here one can explore its entrancing coastlines, verdant mountains, magnificent national parks, vibrant cities, phenomenal cuisine and unique culture.

Indigenous hill tribes, splendid landscapes including the surreal Halong Bay and the nation’s capital Hanoi can be found in the north. The ancient city of Hue, once home to Vietnam’s emperors filled with royal tombs and pagodas, and small beach towns dot the central coast. Lush forests, mountains and ethnic groups form the central highlands. Saigon, the country’s biggest city located in southern Vietnam is an energetic throng of activity, yet just nearby, the backwaters of the Mekong Delta and endless paddy fields emit a dramatically different visual experience. A cornucopia of intoxicating variations—imbibe Vietnam.