Sea Children 2017 Ceramic Art Workshop

2nd-5th April 2017

Amornthep Mahamart, a well-known and celebrated Thai artist, will lead our 4-day ceramics workshop, assisted by three Thai potters. We wanted to create a unique opportunity for you to discover Thai craftsmanship firsthand. You will learn from the best, whilst making the most of Ko Pra Thong’s landscape.

For four days, you will find yourself immersed in nature, getting your inspiration from the island to create works that bring its dynamic environment to life. You will creatively make use of local resources, such as sand, local leaves and seashells, working freely according to what inspires you, whilst all the while benefitting from Amornthep’s skills and expertise. Most of the workshop will involve hand building to create more natural and organic shapes. You will build a kiln using found materials on the island, with which to fire your work.

Amornthep Mahamart Solo Exhibition – Chiang Rai, September 2016

The workshop is designed not only to teach you new skills but also to create a mindful and relaxing experience, enriched both by the island’s environment and by the culturally rich experience of working alongside Thai ceramic artists.



Amornthep Mahamart
Seconded by:
Jirawong Wongtrangan
Somsak Junto
Chatchaiwat Chungchoo
Noppadol Mahamart


THB 20,000 per person, including boat transfer from Kuraburi Pier, full
board and accommodation at Golden Buddha Beach Resort.
THB 8,000 for the workshop payable at the resort
Total price: THB 28,000


Period: 4 days, 2-5th April 2017, check-in April 1st checkout April 6th
Limited availability: maximum 24 persons
All levels of experience welcome


Please Contact the Secret Retreats Concierge on