Boutique hotels in Sri Lanka have come of age and offer a superlative guest experience across a variety of styles of stay, from glamping and safari lodges, to tea plantations, heritage houses and beach resorts, Sri Lanka offers a boutique hotel to suit every taste and every budget. Newly on the travel map, Sri Lanka has long been overlooked, and flown over, by many Asia bound travellers. But with the end of the civil war in 2009 Sri Lanka has readied itself for visitors, with many locals and hoteliers developing heritage properties, boutique hotels and resorts along with travel experiences that showcase the rich variety of Sri Lanka’s wildlife, geography and culture. Sri Lanka is now one of Asia’s ‘must see’ destinations. From glamping and soft adventure to a Sri Lanka honeymoon, with a Secret Retreats boutique hotel stay, there is a world of experiences awaiting the visitor in Sri Lanka that will please and fascinate even the most seasoned traveller.

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Colombo and West Coast


National Parks


Shaped like a teardrop on the southeast tip of India in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is filled with unexpected wonders. Previously known as Ceylon, the island country is dotted with fertile plains, mangroves, and...