Hahoe Traditional Hanok and Boutique Hotels by Secret Retreats.

Situated just east of Andong in Gyeongsangbuk-do, and founded during the 14th-15th century, Hahoe is a throw back in time. Nestled peacefully along an S-shaped bend on the sandy banks of the Nakdong River, and sheltered by forests and agricultural fields, this listed UNESCO World Heritage site forms a priceless piece of Korea’s rich heritage. Containing traditional simple homes built with mud walls and thatched roofs, timber framed houses, pavilions, study halls and Confucian learning academies, the well preserved clan village’s layout pays homage to the early Joseon Dynasty’s distinctive aristocratic Confucian culture. A veritable living museum, today the Ryu clan people that dwell here live much the same as they did hundreds of years ago.

Meander through the streets to glimpse at the village’s treasures. Marvel at the carved wooden statues known as changseung just outside town, believed to ward off evil spirits. Soak in the pararomic views atop the high cliff that marks the end of the Taebaek Mountain Range, Buyongdae. Browse the hundreds of masks from Korea and other nations in the Hahoe Mask Museum, or attend an indigenous mask and dance performance. Physical and spiritual enrichment in a peaceful place where time stands still—Hahoe.