Traditional Hanok and Luxury Boutique Hotels in South Korea by Secret Retreats.

Formally known as the Republic of Korea, and bordering North Korea in the Korean Peninsula, South Korea lies between China and Japan. Offering a completely different feel and vibe to the rest of Asia, the Land of the Morning Calm welcomes travellers with open arms to experience its wondrous blend of old and new in its nine distinctive provinces.

Discover Seoul. Bursting with character, this sprawling 600 year old capital exudes a tireless, enthralling energy. A distinctive mix of historic buildings and modern edifices, it is a dazzling city that never ceases to tingle the senses. Laden with craggy mountains, immerse in North Chungcheong’s national parks, or the fine beaches and ski resorts in Gangwon. For tranquil hot springs, visit South Chungcheong. A popular destination for honeymooners, the volcanic island Jelu is best known for its wonderful scenery, where one can horseback ride and marvel at its many wild flowers. Seaside cities and serene temples can be found in South Gyeongsang. Meanwhile, North Gyeongsang contains the nation’s biggest treasure trove of historical and cultural sites, particularly in and around Andong. Lively festivals, wondrous native cuisine and traditional arts all further enhance the marvellous experience. Full of charm, South Korea awaits.