Tioman Island

Rising up above the South China Sea’s turquoise waters, Tioman emerges like a giant sleeping dragon. Colossal trees point out like dark green scales, imposing grey granite form her claws, and twin peaks swirled in mist depict her horns, jetting up to welcome voyagers. Laden with tropical jungles, countless mountain streams and waterfalls, this beautiful oasis is home to many animal and bird species. An underwater paradise, its surrounding waters are teeming with colourful live coral and a vast array of marine life.

Situated of the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Tioman is the region’s largest volcanic island, offering shelter and welcoming comfort to sailors for centuries. A tale of love and myth, legend tells that long ago a dragon princess once spread her huge wings to fly from China to join her beloved prince in Singapore, stopping to rest along the way in these warm, calm waters. Yet, she became so enamoured by its beauty and the waves lapping gently at her sides that she decided to discontinue her journey, preferring to turn herself into a dragon-shaped island. To this day, Tioman remains motionless, patiently waiting to be explored and admired.