Situated in Tochigi Prefecture, Kinugawa is a famed hot spring (onsen) town located approximately two hours by train on the Tobu Rail from Tokyo. A magnificent rural respite, Kinugawa has been a favourite jaunt for city dwellers wishing to escape the hustle and bustle of urban commotion since the Meiji era.

Besides its hot volcanic waters, nature lovers will regale in the rafting experiences on the Kinugawa River. The hiking here is wonderful, too. Skiing enthusiasts can enjoy a day on the slopes at the Edelweiss Ski Resort located just 30-45 minutes away. For a slice of culture, nearby Nikko is home to one of Japan’s most popular attractions the famous Toshogu Shrine. Set in a forest, the lavish complex comprises over a dozen Shinto and Buddhist buildings adorned with myriad woodcarvings, and gold leaf. Other excursion possibilities include: Tobu World Square a theme park showcasing mini replicas of world renowned structures, and Nikko Edomura (Edo Wonderland) a historical theme park that duplicates Japanese town life during the Edo Period, highlighted by live shows. A relaxing environs amid nature and history— Kinugawa.