Traditional Ryokan and Luxury Boutique Hotels in Japan, by Secret Retreats.

Situated in the Pacific Ocean in East Asia, the island nation of Japan simultaneously embraces both its past and its future. Divided into 47 prefectures and also known as Nippon, Japan’s spiritual culture dates back thousands of years. Beyond the bustling life and skyscrapers found in its capital Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and other vibrant cities, this land is filled with a treasure trove of temples, gardens, museums and natural wonders. Its indigenous arts include: tea ceremony, calligraphy, pottery, origami, ikebana (flower arranging), abundant festivals, and exquisite cuisine. Discover Nippon’s welcoming spirit and unique customs.

Not far from Tokyo, amidst mountains and views of Mount Fuji, Hakone is famous for its hot springs and walking trails. Laden with historical treasures, charming Kyoto is a spectacular voyage in itself. Wilderness enriched Hokkaido, filled with national parks and abundant wildlife, is a nature lovers paradise, drawing ski enthusiasts to its winter wonderland slopes in and around Niseko. Okinawa Prefecture in the south and Kyushu Japan’s third largest island also have their own charm. Endless sights, sounds and tastes— purify the spirit in the “Land of the Rising Sun”.