Straddled between Bali and Sumbawa, and forming part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, Lombok’s pristine white sand beaches and warm turquoise waters gleam. Located just minutes from Lombok, the Gili Islands are a famous haven for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts, filled with reefs teeming with soft coral and marine life. Climb to the summit of Indonesia’s second highest volcano and rapture in the breathtaking scenic views at Rinjani National Park. Lombok has a wealth of waterfalls and natural springs, too including Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall. Other activities comprise: surfing, spear fishing, kayaking, golf, yoga, and bike riding.

Explore the city of Mataram on a cidomo (horse drawn cart) to see the sites and traditional markets known as pasar. Witness Sasak life and Lombok weaving in the traditional villages Sade and Rambitan. Take an intriguing Indonesia cookery class, or learn how to prepare traditional djamoe healing drinks made with different herbs and spices. For something even more native, visitors can study how frothy local red sugar palm tree wine (tuak) is made from local villagers. Gendang beleg (drum and dance), pearl cultivation and terracotta classes are other possibilities. Where time stands still—Lombok.