Kerala Boutique Hotels and Cruises by Secret Retreats.

Bounded by the vast Arabian Sea on India’s southwestern shores in Northern Kerala, tranquillity permeates the air in Malabar. Celebrating life with myriad marvellous rituals and colourful annual festivals, the hospitable people who dwell here are significantly influenced by their innate belief in their deities. Filled with coconut groves, rice paddy fields, secluded beaches, verdant hillside spice gardens and isolated inland waterways, slow and rhythmic Malabar is the essence of authentic India—a secret gem.

Climb aboard a houseboat and enjoy a leisurely cruise through the backwaters.Trek through nature and go bird watching at the hill station Ranipuram, or the hill spice station Wayanad. Filled with bamboo, orchid and tea plantations, the latter is also home to elephants, bison spotted deer, tigers, leopards, bears, wild boar, and other wildlife. Visit the Mutupam Temple and witness a wonderful Thayyam dance performance. Explore the Goddess Snake Temple, the ancient Bekal Fort and traditional fishing villages. Learn how to prepare native Malabar dishes using spices from Kerala’s Western Ghats. Soothe the body and soul with a holistic Ayurvedic massage, meditation course, or yoga class. Finding harmony with the Divine—nourish in the treasures of magical Malabar.