Secret Retreats Curated Collection of Heritage Properties, Luxury Boutique Hotels and Houseboats in India.

Officially the Republic of India and the world’s second most populous country, India is a federation comprising 28 states and seven union territories, which are divided up into six regions. Dating back thousands of years, this vast nation has it all—mountains, beaches, UNESCO World Heritage sites, national parks, deserts, thick jungles, forests, palaces, backwaters, rivers, plains, bustling cities, hill stations, and more. From the magnificent landscapes in Kashmir, tranquil backwaters in Kerala, and historic treasures of medieval India’s royal Rajputs in Rajasthan, to the almost extinct revered tigers in Madhya Pradesh in the wildlife sanctuary Bandhavgarh National Park—India’s range of encounters is limitless.

Yet, as formidable as India’s topography is, its electrifying culture is equally astonishing. The amalgamation of ethnic groups, religions, and hundreds of living languages, enhanced by innumerable vibrant festivals, spiritual rituals and eclectic celebrations, India is as dizzying as it is captivating. Further, its mélange of arts, handicrafts and music, the cuisine here is as multi-layered its people. Each region has its own specialties. Enigmatic enrichment in a fascinating, diverse land—capture the soul of multi-dimensional India.