Hong Kong

Nestled in the centre of Victoria Harbour and a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong is far more than just a top financial centre. Laden with sprawling, modern skyscrapers that intertwine with temples and historic monuments, which overlook a spectacular skyline, the autonomous city has a rich, and distinctive blend of Western and Asian cultural heritage.

Filled with narrow, winding lanes and streets, much of Hong Kong can be discovered on foot. Popular with visitors, Cat Street has dozens of stalls selling curios, antiques and other memorabilia. A tram ride up the mountain to Hong Kong’s highest point, Victoria Peak, provides an opportunity to witness the bustling marine activity in one of the world’s largest and busiest ports. The short but enrapturing ride across the harbour on the Star Ferry to the mainland at Kowloon is not to be missed. It leads to the lively night market on Temple Street and the famous Ladies Market. Both are located in the Mongkok district. Dining options abound in Hong Kong, from street food to upscale eateries serving a range of flavours. Myriad bars and lively nightclubs keep revellers entertained until very late. A fascinating voyage in itself—Hong Kong.