Koh Kong

Set near the border of Thailand, in Cambodia’s Cardamom Mountains, experience Koh Kong Province starting in the capital, Koh Kong. Meander through the ancient mangrove forest then take a boat ride on the estuary at the Peam Krasop Wildlife Sanctuary. Spend the day on Koh Kong Island’s beautiful beach, or visit one of the other nearby islands.

Kayak down the Tai Tai River through the mangrove waterways that reach back into the jungle. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the river, go fishing, or take a sunset cruise. Experience the majestic Tatai Waterfalls. Trek through one of the world’s largest rainforests and look out for more than 100 mammal species including gibbons, barking deer, Asian elephants, large Indian civets, and endangered clouded leopards, Indochinese tigers, pileated gibbons and Malaysian sun bears. Home to over 450 bird species, spot storks, cranes, song birds, the brahminy kite, and the nearly extinct silver oriole and great hornbill. Meet the local people that dwell in the mountains and forest to learn about their customs, beliefs, and natural cures. Peaceful serenity amid breath-taking nature.