Secret’s Out #75 – Find Vacation Villas for Every Holiday

      Whether you prefer to stay in spacious accommodation at an all-villa resort or opt for a completely private villa suited for groups of friends and family, Secret Retreats’ collection of unique villas across Asia don’t only offer luxurious hideaways but plenty of local colour.     Discover all Secret Villas throughout Asia […]

Secret’s Out #73 – Set Sail in Indonesia – starting at just $400!

      Originally built to sail along the historic spice routes, phinisi are Indonesia’s iconic hand crafted traditional wooden sailing vessels. Today, seafaring travellers can step back in time while enjoying all the contemporary luxuries of the present with a new wave of boats that blend the design and craftsmanship of the past with […]

Secret’s Out #72 – 3 Places to Meet the Mighty Himalayas

      Stretching through Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal and China, the Himalayas provide a mountainous landscape across Asia complete with majestic mountains, memorable valleys, impressive glaciers and, of course, Mount Everest. While trekking may first come to mind when thinking about the Himalayas, there’s even more to enjoy in the remote regions surrounding the […]

Secret’s Out #71 – *NEW* Exclusive Package Deals for Easy Planning

      We’ve just released an array of holiday packages exclusive to Secret Retreats! From ready-to-book hotel stays to elaborate multi-day journeys across different destinations, the packages make your travel planning easier than ever with each package already carefully designed through Secret Retreats’ personal experience, local knowledge and recommendations.           […]

Secret’s Out #70 – Where to Celebrate Southeast Asia’s Lunar New Year

            The world has already welcomed in 2018, China’s Year of the Dog has commenced and this weekend Bali will observe Nyepi on the first day of the Saka lunar calendar. Yet another New Year is still about to be celebrated by millions across Southeast Asia. A holiday by many […]

Secrets’ Out #69 – Bali’s Best Chefs in Kuala Lumpur – Book Your Table ASAP!

            What’s better than dining at a Secret Tables restaurant? Having the opportunity to experience two Secret Tables chefs’ inventive dishes in one sitting! Thanks to the collaborative spirit of our Secret Tables community, Kuala Lumpur is playing host to two exclusive pop-up chef collaborations bringing the best of Bali […]

Secrets’ Out #68 – 5 Chefs to Support for a Sustainable Food Future

            What’s the future of food? Our Chefs will tell you…   Secret Tables’ innovative chefs focus on sustainability in food, using locally produced ingredients, supporting local farmers and seeking ancient wisdoms for indigenous food sources to create incredible dishes. It is no surprise then that five of our pioneering […]

Secrets’ Out #67 – It’s time to go back to BALI! Here’s why…

      That’s right, it’s time to visit Bali again!       While some have been worried about Mount Agung over the past couple months, the alert was lowered from Level IV to Level III earlier this month and the potential warning zone around the volcano has been reduced to just four kilometres. […]

Secrets’ Out #66 – More Secret Journeys revealed…Where will you go?

            Whether you opt to stay in opulent luxury or prefer the road less travelled, there’s no better way to experience another country than with a local. Each curated Secret Journey itinerary has been designed by a host in each location and can be further tailored to meet your preferences. […]