To ensure that guests are provided with food & beverage when requested and are offered these when appropriate in an effort to maximise sales. To ensure the Restaurant service is at quality level at all times whilst preserving a level of guest privacy. To complete all cleaning and preparation in order to ensure a smooth service at all times.

To serve within the Food & Beverage Department and as such your typical duties will be as follows:
  • To prepare and carry out food and beverage service to guests in a courteous and efficient manner. This includes offering table service to guests, regularly checking the cleanliness of dinner services area.
  • To assist in the preparation of mise en place for service as required, in accordance with the required hotel Standards.
  • To keep back of house, restaurants, lounge areas and gardens tidy at all times and to regularly clean all associated equipment.
  • Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails and other drinks for guest and wash utensils after each use.
  • Pour all drinks to the recommended legal standard (correct measure) in the appropriate glassware.
  • Check identification of customers to make sure they meet age requirements for purchase of alcohol.
  • Clean up restaurant, lounge and garden tables after customers and clean with appropriate chemicals.
  • To notify the Restaurant Manager if you observe a particular item of stock is running low.
  • To attend training sessions and courses and to assist with the ‘on-the-job’ training of new staff, as required.
  • To handle minor complaints in a professional and courteous manner and to provide appropriate solutions. To immediately inform the Restaurant Manager of all cases. To forward solutions and suggestions to eradicate complaints and other comments from guests to the Restaurant Manager.
  • To ensure that all food & beverage items served at a quality and recorded in an appropriate manner in order that guests may be charged, and to operate a cash bar as and when required.
  • To display professional salesmanship and positive sales techniques at all times.
  • To read all relevant company literature, notices and other correspondence and to regularly observe hotel and departmental notice-boards.
  • To uphold good housekeeping practices, ensuring a safe, clean, tidy and pleasant working environment.
  • To ensure the proper care and security of guest items, hotel equipment, stock, furniture and fixtures, reporting malfunction or theft to the Restaurant Manager, immediately, and in the case of all maintenance issues, record it in the maintenance book, which is found in reception.
  • To assist in keeping operating costs to a minimum by efficient and responsible use of resources such as electricity, water, linen, stationery, cleaning materials, china, glassware, silver and other equipment.
  • To carry out any other reasonable duty to assist in the smooth running of the hotel.