Are you a travel writer, photographer, journalist or member of the press looking to do a feature on Secret Retreats and our exclusive travel experiences? A tribute to Rudyard Kipling, Kim is the invisible link that bonds all of our properties through the same passion for hospitality, traditions, local cultures and flavours.

Please feel free to reach out to us. We look forward to being in dialog with you on how we can be of assistance, be it to invite you to personally experience our properties, or simply to provide you with any necessary information and hi-resolution images.

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For all general media enquiries:

Alana Morgan

Originally from Seattle, Alana has lived in Thailand for the past five years combining her strong background in public relations with her love for travel and the written word to provide PR, copywriting and content marketing for Asia-based travel, lifestyle and hospitality brands. With her keen eye for an intriguing story, she assists businesses in spreading their message and connecting with their audiences in an honest, meaningful way. An avid traveller, Alana continuously seeks hidden destinations and unexpected experiences throughout Asia and now joins the Secret Retreats team to help further share these experiences with other discerning travellers.

Enquiries from South-East Asia & Greater China:

Rosetta Hon

Rosetta has over fifteen years of PR and Marketing industry experience in Asia. She has extremely strong relationships with the key local and regional media in the luxury lifestyle, travel, trade, wine and entertainment disciplines. Rosetta has worked in production house on mega events and concerts across Greater China and was part of external affairs team for Commercial Radio HK. She then joined a hospitality and lifestyle PR agency for 10 years where she provided strategic direction to different clients and support regional offices to ensure the success of the client/agency relationship, in particular on issues management.
Rosetta has extensive client strategy planning and account servicing experience and also worked with many different International travel and hospitality brands. She is the co-founder of Why not Asia?, a boutique agency whose team members have extensive experience in lifestyle sector, provide integrated and strategic approach with 360 degrees planning through Communications, Public Relations, Marketing and Partnerships, Event Management, Creative Design.

Demande de presse en Français:

Florence Daignas-Pitoun

Née dans le Sud-Ouest de la France, elle a travaillé pendant 13 ans à Paris dans l’hôtellerie et l’événementiel, dans différents postes, marketing direct et opérationnel, organisation et commercial. Passionnée de décoration, elle a ensuite travaillé pour un grand éditeur de tissus français dans le domaine commercial export.

Aujourd’hui Florence vit à Bordeaux et est mère de deux enfants. Elle a gardé son goût du challenge et sa créativité pour imaginer de nouveaux concepts et les faire naître. Elle a su concilier ses deux passions en travaillant en free-lance dans la rénovation/ décoration d’une part et dans la communication de l’autre. Elle prend plaisir à partager et faire découvrir aux autres ce qu’elle apprécie et notamment ses découvertes sur le continent asiatique qui n’a plus de secrets pour elle. Elle saura vous apporter tous les renseignements sur nos coins les plus secrets !

Enquiries in Korean:

Soo Youn Lee

Soo는 어린 시절부터 음악을 공부하였고 대학과 대학원에서 성악을 전공하였습니다. 졸업 후 그녀는 Austria의 Salzburg, Mozarteum에서 성악교수법, Orff Institute에서 음악 영재교육을 공부하며 8년 동안 유럽에서 생활하였습니다. 그 시기에 그녀는 여행을 다니며 다양한 문화를 통해 창조적인 세계를 경험하며 많은 영감을 받았고, 음악가로서 그녀는 콘서트 등 다양한 활동을 하였습니다. 한국으로 돌아와 그녀는 자신의 음악 스튜디오에서 학생들을 지도하고 있으며, 그들을 통해 항상 신선하고 긍정적인 에너지를 얻고 있습니다. 그녀는 2016년 4월부터 Secret Retreats의 한국지사에서 Inspector Director로 근무하고 있습니다.

Enquiries about Chefs and Tables:

Kat Johnston

Kat's passion for the arts, culture and travel developed into a career spanning Australia, Europe, Japan and South East Asia. She has an extensive background in marketing, PR, event producing and journalism. With a natural inclination for listening and observing, Kat has a special interest in seeking out stories and places of curiosity and inspiration.

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