Curving along the mighty Mekong River and winding up into verdant hills, Laos is a destination of breathtaking and unspoilt scenery. Landlocked and mountainous, The Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Laos sees fewer travellers than her more popular neighbours, but here you’ll find the heart of Indochina. In a land that often seems forgotten by time, intrepid travellers can discover ancient cities, tropical rainforests, glistening rice paddies and a treasure trove of mesmerising landscapes.

Wedged between China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, Laos shares heritage, terrains and biomes in common with her neighbours but holds mystery and intrigue that’s all her own. The country is comprised of 16 provinces amongst three regions.

Northern Laos is dominated by mountains and home to the charming former capital and UNESCO World Heritage City of Luang Prabang. Nestled along the banks of the Mekong River, the languid capital city of Vientiane and rural countryside form Central Laos.
The Mekong flatlands and more mountains can be found in the south.

Criss-crossed by myriad rivers and streams, the Mekong River runs through almost 1,900 kilometres of this Buddhist nation’s territory and is a vital part of daily life. Divided into four language groups, the mosaic of culture in Laos is further enhanced by its 49 ethnic groups.
Simplicity and a relaxed sense of grace – this is the beauty of Laos.

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无数的分支河流汇成浩荡的湄公河穿越了1,900公里的国土,是当地日常生活的重要资源。当地的人们使用四种不同的方言,49个民族让多元化的文化得到加强。朴素和轻松的优雅感 - 这就是老挝之美。