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The 10 best secret experiences in Asia

Asia is a land of ancient traditions, beliefs and rich cultural heritage. Mixed with some of the most amazing sceneries on the planet, for many, Asia is synonym for mystery.

The Secret Retreats team has made of Asia their playground and invites you to share 10 of their most fascinating, yet beautifully simple experiences…things to be enjoyed at least once in your life.

Landscapes from 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge
Landscapes from 4 Rivers Floating Eco-Lodge

– Nature’s own fireworks in Cambodia- thousands of shining fireflies illuminated by the nighttime jungle, set deep within the lush mangroves at 4 Rivers Floating Lodge.

– Dive some of the world’s most pristine waters, experiencing a special cleaning station for Manta Rays at Misool Eco Resort, in West Papua.

– Indulge your body in a wood-fire heated mud sauna, before falling sleep in a traditional Korean hanok, amidst the snowy white winter at Rak Ko Jae, Seoul.

– Enjoy the beautiful serenity of as you participate in the process of organic silk dying in Isan near Supanniga Home.

– Sip a cup of tea fit for the Queen, within the simplicity of a Rajasthani farmer’s desert mud hut, near Talabgaon Castle.

– Seek the wisdom and knowledge of an Ayurvedic doctor while staying at Neeleshwar Hermitage. Personalised, specialist ancient Indian guidance on the best foods for you to better on your health.

– Soak away your cares in the bubbling, hot water springs of the Kinugawa Kanaya Onsen Hotel, with the light scent of Japanese cypress drifting on the breeze.

Tugu Bali
– Eat with your hands and sample the traditions of Javanese food wrapped in a banana leaf at the waroeng of Hotel Tugu Bali.

– Wake up to the sharp, bright taste of Jamu (traditional Indonesian medicine) freshly made by one of the local village women at Mesastila.

– Listen to the dreamy sounds of young girl playing the Guqin (Chinese harp) while savouring a cup of Pu’er tea, seated in the 250 year old court yard of Jing’s Residence in Pingyao.

Send us some of your own inspiring travel experiences so we can enrich our collection.

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