Travel Dreams are Great, But Travel Reality is Way Better – Travel Now with Secret Retreats

 Do you remember a time when you could fly to exotic destinations with easily mis-pronounced names and fill your cup with wonder and fascination, drinking in the sights, sounds and tastes of your chosen destination’s unique cultures and environments as you enjoyed life enriching experiences with your loved ones and travelling partners? Well, dust off […]

Lending a Helping Hand: Ecolodges Indonesia, Planting the Trees for the Planet to Breath and local communities to survive during the current crisis

Even though the economy worldwide has been slowing down or even frozen in some parts, but all our hearts do not stop. In a small part of this world, the team at Rimba Ecolodges is still trying so hard to survive and to protect wildlife and nature. It is definitely NOT an easy mission with […]

Asian Rituals to Bring You Good Luck During 2021

How to attract good luck Asian style As we enter 2021, people from different cultures and nationalities around Asia will be following various traditions and acting on superstitions in trying to make this year a particularly prosperous one for them. As cultures have evolved and assimilated, these good luck rituals have traveled across continents and […]

Fascinating destinations and the indigenous cultures of Asia

Enchanting ancient cultures you can still interact with today! Once again, we would like to lead you to explore the cultures and traditions of Asia’s Indigenous people. It is always exciting to get off the beaten track, whether by vehicle or trekking and visit places that few have seen or are perhaps known only from […]