Foodies Travel Destinations (Part 1)

Take your taste buds on a tour of Asia with Secret Retreats (Part 1) For travelling foodies, nothing seduces us more than a tasty local dish and for sure Asia is a dream destination for all food enthusiasts (foodies) because if you know where to look, really tasty dishes and incredible local flavours can be […]

Activities with an Asian Flavour to do at Home while the World’s Locked Down

How to pass the time during the self-isolation While the current crisis we are facing has caused us fear and stress, the strict lockdown rules imposed during the coronavirus outbreak have also led to many families across the world spending and enjoying more time together than usual. As with all situations there is always a […]

Food as Medicine: Traditional Herbal Therapy

Healing Yourself One Bite at a Time! As you consider what we eat affects our health, you’ll learn how food can be used to prevent and treat illness and manage chronic disease. Centuries ago, the earliest known doctors and health practitioners across the world imparted the benefits of using food as medicine to heal the […]

The Secret Local Ingredients to Plant-Based Dining Experience

The Secret Local Ingredients to Plant-Based Dining Experience

At Banlle Vegetarian Restaurant, member of Secret Tables, the dishes served using a mix of seasonal vegetables, flower, roots, beans and herbs – all grown naturally in the garden surrounding the restaurant, as well as from a few select organic surrounding farms. Chef Pola Siv shared the secret of his meatless dishes called “Prahok Kris”, […]