Family secret recipes from eastern Thailand to be shared, available at 2 addresses in Bangkok: Thonglor and Sathorn.
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Restaurant Description

Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, Supanniga Eating Room serves authentic, savoury Thai cuisine using premium ingredients from Thailand’s seaside towns including fish sauce, kapi (dried shrimp paste), and salted fish. The recipes have been passed on for 80 years from the owner’s grandmother, and showcase delicacies from the Trat and Chantaburi provinces, with a slight Isaan touch.

The restaurant is a transformed typical shophouse with a décor reminding the atmosphere of Supanniga Home in Khon Kaen, where Khunyai was living and where all started. Warm and comfortable feeling with the use of northeastern traditional utensils like kapom table or mai fuem (Isan weaving utensil) to transport diners through Isan culture.

In December 2015, Supanniga Eating Room opened a second address on Sathorn. Khunyai Somsri is still the inspiration behind each dish. The new venue on Sathorn has been designed by Onion Co, with a contemporary use of the yellow of the supanniga flower. The balcony on the second floor can be used as an interactive space for embroidery workshop or gallery.

Open daily for lunch from 11.30am to 2,30pm and for dinner from 5.30pm to 11pm (last order 10.15pm).

The Chef & His Brigade

“My grandmother was not only a great cook, she also told fascinating stories about her dishes. One of her fish recipes called Gaeng Pa Sub Nok comes from when my great-grandfather used to carry chilli paste wrapped in banana leaves with him while he was hunting in the jungle.”

Inspiration: Khunyai Somsri Jantra - by her grandson Thanaruek.

Welcome to 방콕

타이어로는 끄룽텝(Krung Thep:천사의 도시)이라고 합니다. 원래 방콕은 대안(對岸)에 있는 톤부리시(市)의 한 지구에 지나지 않았으나, 예로부터 상업의 중심지로 번영하였기 때문에 지금은 국제적으로 방콕이 끄룽텝을 대신하게 되었습니다. 맛있는 요리의 향기는 길거리에 만연하고 다양한 야외 시장, 요리 수업, 마사지, 논스톱 유흥문화는 매력적입니다.

동남아시아에서 가장 큰 박물관인 국립 박물관은 광대한 황금의 복잡한 그랜드 팰리스(빛나는 에메랄드 불상의 집), 기대고 있는 거대한 부처님상은 랏타나꼬신 거리에서 볼 수 있습니다. 보트를 타고 위아래로 차오 프라야 강(Chao Phraya River)과 klongs (운하)가 있고 사원과 역사적인 건축물이 줄 지어 있습니다. 신고전주의 건물과 골동품 상점이 즐비해 있으며 차이나타운이 이 도시에 풍미를 더해줍니다. 주말 여행객들은 태국의 모든 상품을 판매하는 15,000개 이상의 노점이 들어있는 짜뚜짝 주말시장이나 탈 찬으로 알려진 독특한 수상 시장에서 즐거운 관광을 합니다.

Useful Information

Opening time:
Daily: 11.30-14.30 / 17.30-23.30 (Last order 22.30)

Annual closing:
Songkran Holiday

Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Bangkok
Currency accepted: THB
Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, UnionPay
Electricity voltage: 220V
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