Romantic Escapes


Filled with privacy and charm, Secret Retreats’ exceptional array of romantic escapes are ideal sanctuaries in which to celebrate a honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, or special occasion.

Imagine a private dinner under the star-lit heavens, a candlelight experience on a secluded beach, a scenic dinner along the river or at an ancient temple surrounded by thousands of dancing torches. Imagine a secret wedding filled with mystery and excitement, where your loved ones are taken on a secret sojourn that introduces them to some of the best experiences that Asia has to offer. Imagine a honeymoon aboard a majestic traditionally built wooden boat, where every day you wake up to a different landscape, replete with a campfire on an uninhabited island with freshly caught seafood right off the grill. Maybe you wish to treat your partner to an exotic dining experience or commemorate your love with an exciting romantic adventure? Whatever the special occasion, Secret Retreats is here to fulfil your dream.

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Our private and small retreat hideaways are perfect honeymoon settings—from the towering trees, vibrant wildlife and singing birds found in our flourishing gardens, to the dramatic landscapes surrounding our luxurious safari camps, to the graceful ambience found aboard a private boat. Allow us to transport you on a magical honeymoon, where you can indulge on a nurturing traditional massage followed by a rose petal scented bath. Prefer something more adventurous? Ride through lush rice fields on horseback, take an elephant trek along the beach accompanied by a setting sun, or climb an active volcano before finishing with a visit to the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Whatever your heart desires, we are here to make your dream honeymoon come true.

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The Secret Wedding
Imagine organising a wedding filled with mystery, excitement and wonder as you whisk away your closest friends and loved ones on a secret Asian sojourn that will only be revealed at their final destination. Close your eyes and dream of the colour rich world of Rajasthan, the former land of kings and queens, where women wear beautiful saris that playfully flow in the wind. Always dreamed of swimming in the turquoise waters in the Maldives? Invite your friends to a private cast away experience. Perhaps you want to experience the sounds of the drums and the vibrant, time honoured red qipao dress in China, savour sublime Japanese dishes at a ryokan (traditional Japanese inn), or simply relax on a tropical island? Asia is our playground and together with our team of local experts, passionate art aficionados, food connoisseurs, and exquisite properties, boats, and luxury camps, we look forward to making your wedding dreams a reality. Simply tell your invitees the time, chosen country and destination and we will lead them on a journey that they will never forget...

The Secret WeddingThe Secret Wedding

Let’s just dream a bit... imagine a wedding in Bali:

With our collection of romantic escapes, hidden sanctuaries and charming boutique residences, the possibilities are only as limited as your imagination. Begin your adventure in Bali at Ngurah Rai Denpasar International Airport (DPS), where we will swiftly guide you through immigration and customs. You and your guests will then hop into a chartered helicopter, and fly to a hotel tucked away in a quiet part of the island, a place where every suite is inspired by romantic tales and legends from ancient kingdoms. When you land, you will be met by a welcome entourage that will dance and play music. After following the parade to the hotel, you will be greeted with a garland of scented flowers and given a delicious exotic drink made with local ingredients. After you have had a chance to check into your room and get refreshed, you can indulge in one of the many spa treatments, explore the local village life, witness a Hindu ceremony, or visit one of the temples to light an incense stick or say a prayer. In the evening, dinner will be served around a thousand twinkling candles, and food will be brought on large flat woven trays. There will also be a fire dance performance.

The Secret WeddingThe Secret WeddingThe Secret Wedding

Perhaps you’d like a wedding ceremony on the beach followed by brunch on a boat?

After saying your vows and celebrating your love with friends and family, you may wish to spend your honeymoon aboard one of our bugis (sailing vessels), Silolona, to discover the eastern islands of Indonesia.

You need inspiration to organize your wedding?
Whatever your wedding dreams are, Secret Retreat properties and dedicated concierge team will turn them into a reality. Looking to exchange your vows and integrate them with the ancient traditions of the East? Let us intrigue you with the ‘Baci’ ceremony practiced in Laos, where newlyweds receive a cotton thread around their wrists to symbolise the link that unites two souls. Maybe we can entice you with the ‘Rod Nam Sang’ ceremony practiced in Thailand, where the bride and groom receive blessings from their family, and loved ones using holy water that is poured onto their hands from a conch shell? We will gladly introduce you to myriad traditions and wedding ceremony options. Are you drawn to dramatic landscapes and ancient sites? Choose to celebrate your love amidst the mystical temples and magnificent ruins of Angkor Wat with its graceful Khmer stone-carved walls, and towering primeval jungles. Or maybe you wish to spend your wedding day on a tropical island where palm trees gently sway to the soft ocean breeze, and share your love on a white sandy beach decorated with rose petals? All you have to do is pick the time and place...

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Romantic Moments

Romantic Moments
Romantic MomentsRomantic MomentsRomantic Moments


Surprise your partner with a romantic candle-lit dining experience dramatically set underneath a canopy of stars, or a private dining experience amidst a lush rainforest as you are serenaded by the soothing sounds of the jungle. Enjoy a glass of Champagne along the river as you watch the local fishing boats drift by. Watch the sun softly set aboard your privately chartered boat and enjoy a meal using secret royal recipes, and carefully selected wines. From exotic dining experiences amidst an ancient temple, to a gourmet picnic in the rice fields, to a candle-lit dinner while watching a private dance performance, Secret Retreats will make your ultimate dining experience a reality.


Sweet Time for Two

Enjoy a glass of Champagne with your partner as you watch the sunset gracefully fade, listen to the tranquil sounds of the jungle, or allow the gentle waves to caress your feet as you walk along a quiet beach. From the expansive deserts of Rajasthan, to the private garden setting in your luxury villa, your romantic experience in an exquisite intimate setting awaits.

Celebrate love at any of our romantic settings, all our properties can customize a venue for you and create a surprise for your partner, husband, wife…

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Romantic Escapes

Filled with privacy and charm, Secret Retreats has an exceptional array of romantic escapes, ideal sanctuaries in which to celebrate a honeymoon, wedding, anniversary, or special occasion.

Spa Indulgences

Pampering reaches new sensual heights with exquisite therapy services using local herbs, spices, even produce, compounded with age-old techniques from yesteryear. Each country has its own specialty.

Meditative Highlights

Seek out inner peace with an informative new outlook on life. From yoga at dawn to meditation practices that aim to refresh and restore your chi (energy) to an indigenous festival, Asia has so much to offer.

Arts and Culture

From art and handicrafts to dance and music, learn the artisanal skills of the local people. Join in on a memorable experience at a temple or embrace the land with a guided tour to soak in nature’s wonders. Just like its people, the possibilities in Asia are endless.

Taste of Asia

Savour a lifelong memory. Go to a local market with the chef and learn to prepare indigenous local dishes to make for your loved ones back home. Explore tea plantations, learn to plant rice in a paddy field, and so much more.

Nature & Adventure

Passionate about their land, our owners are experts on the place in which they dwell. Discover the beauty of nature and the thrill of adventure with one of the following activities


For discerning travellers who prefer to enjoy the privacy of a boutique hotel, yet still wish to play golf, Asia is a golfer’s paradise.

Corporate Retreats

The following properties offer a comprehensive range of facilities and services to suit your business needs—from a dedicated conference room with the latest technical equipment to an experienced concierge