Japamala Resort

Kampung Lanting, 86800 Pulau Tioman, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia Tioman Island, Malaysia

Kim's View of Japamala Resort

Kim's View

Set along a white sand beach with a long jetty, and fully integrated with nature, this 13 room eco- friendly resort was built with recycled materials.

Your hosts

Federico Asaro
Federico Asaro from Japamala Resort shares:

JapaMala holds a very special place in the hearts for both my wife and I. When we came across the bay in 2002, we knew we had found something magical. JapaMala was built on the simple principle of a place that offers nourishment to the mind, body and soul. Small and exclusive, amidst lush tropical rainforest, one can indulge in an unadulterated life close to nature. Known as an ‘eco-luxe’ resort, we advocate responsible tourism with environmental-friendly means in the way we run the resort.

With views of living colours, sites that hoist your spirits, food that nurses your soul and Asian hospitality at its best, JapaMala offers a try holistic experience – A State of Mind.
Secret Retreats Host Puppet China and South East Asia
All of our properties are family owned—their captivating spirit is embodied by their hosts who often dwell there themselves. Illustrating this family spirit, Secret Retreats has commissioned Indonesian artist Edward Pasaribu to design a range of traditional puppets that reflect the inner essence of true Asian hospitality. Each region has its own special puppet.

After his voyage, Kim grasps the mission that his father had assigned to him—informing contemplative travellers about idyllic locations containing exclusive properties, which unveil a true essence of Asia.

Sailing towards Tioman Island, dolphins frisk about under the bow. I recall reading about the exceptional diving found here—emerald green waters that are teeming with tropical fish, the abundance of live coral in every imaginable colour, captivating eagle rays that flap gently and majestically through the warm waters.

Grey and silver rocks, and a long pier announce my arrival to Japamala. Situated on the edge of the beach, the shaded seafood restaurant Mandi Mandi jets out like a figurehead on an ancient vessel. My smiling hosts are waiting for me on the dock, ready to welcome me to their sanctuary, people that wish to offer travellers the ability to renew an invisible but important dialogue between man and nature.

The entire resort recalls a kampung (Malaysian village) with its traditional inlaid doors, replete with sumptuous batik, and many objects d’art. A gift from the sea, the reception table has been made out of driftwood, symbolising this preserved and protected place where nature has been left to her own device. Large vines, and tropical trees appear to embrace the integrated and invisible guestrooms made of biodegradable materials. Overlooking the lagoon, my villa is perched on a cliff. The rustic feel blends flawlessly with the simple yet refined décor that evokes a lavishly appointed Robinson Crusoe type of experience. A wooden terrace and outdoor bathroom beckon me to immerse in nature. Leaning against the railing, I listen to the rustling of leaves and the sounds of the forest. In the distance, I spot a hummingbird having her lunch. A blue-tipped wing butterfly flutters by. I look forward to enjoying one of Japamala’s number of diverse activities—fishing, sea kayaking, diving, exploring the island.

Under a sky pink, I lounge unhurriedly at the restaurant Tamarind, soaking in the white sandy coral beach and pristine sea. Here, discreet staff serves wonderful Italian and Asian cuisine. My pulse quietens and my inner soul is sated. I feel completely and utterly at peace. I wonder if all this is real...

Seated in front of the tropical foliage lingering behind him the distance, I notice a stone Buddha statue. With his angled head, he seems to be paying tribute to this equatorial jewel. Recalling American author Jack London, who explored the South Seas long ago in search of the ideal place we all seek, I think perhaps I have found my own “valley of the moon”. It is right here at Japamala.

Rooms & Rates


Room with standing shower : Tree top Chalets perched high above a luxuriant jungle canopy, these chalets are secluded, yet are just a short walk up from the beach. These rooms offer an entirely different resort experience. In fact, their very proximity to nature make them keenly sought after. Here, you'll find the noise of the jungle predominates - the soft rustle of windblown leaves; the chirping of crickets and birds; and the foraging of wild creatures at night.
Room Facilities : air conditioning, safe box, mini-bar, satellite TV, free Wifi / cable, CD/DVD player, bathrobe, hair-dryer.


Sea Cliff Chalets

Room with standing shower and sea views : Sea Cliff Chalets
Perched high on the edge of the mountain or cliff or hill with the turquoise lagoon right below, be mesmerised as you soak in the views of the South China Sea. Each chalet is unique and offers unobstructed views even from the shower room. A day-bed built on the balcony over the cliff is designed for one to either laze around and day-dream or drift idly by on the ebbing tide whilst catching the balmy breeze, or simply marvelling at the sight and soaking up the luxuriant energy.
Room Facilities : air conditioning, safe box, mini-bar, satellite TV, free Wifi / cable, CD/DVD player, bathrobe, hair-dryer.


Jungle Luxe Sarang

Room with private outdoor plunge pool > Our Jungle Sarangs are 'nests' tucked away on the lower terrain of the resort. They're adorned with an open-air bath tub with the rainforest as its backdrop, hidden enough to allow total privacy. A spacious private living area good for dining, sunning or simply relaxing, you will be forgiven for never venturing out of your nest. The Sarang is distinctively designed for the total experience of living comfortably in the jungle without foregoing the finer things in life.


Hillside Sarang

Room with private outdoor plunge pool: Hillside Plunge Pool Sarang
These Sarangs with plunge pools are split-leveled rooms with an additional television on the ground level, which serves as a family area. Tall glass windows open onto views of the jungle, where the Sarang nestles high on the hillside. These love nests also come with private features - a cliff, both indoor and outdoor showers, a timber deck and tanning beds. Stunning views of the jungle are divided only by a glass pane in the shower room.
Room Facilities : air conditioning, safe box, mini-bar, satellite TV, free Wifi / cable, CD/DVD player, bathrobe, hair-dryer, plunge pool.


Sea View Sarang

Room with outdoor plunge and kitchenette: Seaview Sarang
There is currently only one such villa at Japamala. Secluded and romantic, it evokes a dreamlike state, filled with opulence and adventure - a distinctive ambience that relaxes yet inspires. This love nest rests on a low terrain and is built with an adjoining kichenette, a small dining room and a semi-outdoor lounge with a conjoining dip pool with your own timber sun deck to laze about all day gazing out at the sea.
Room Facilities : air conditioning, safe box, mini-bar, satellite TV, free Wifi / cable, CD/DVD player, bathrobe, hair-dryer, plunge pool, kitchenette.


Penghulu's House

Beach Front House with two bedrooms and private pool : The Penghulu's House
Resting on the beach, The Penghulu's House is the resort's only 2-storey-2-bedroom villa. Sitting on low terrain, this modern village-house has the jungle at its doorstep and the seashore is its backyard. While ancient boulders fashion the interior, the rustic-style rooms are furnished with the modern comforts of an urban home. Tall glass windows envelop the villa, nakedly displaying the wonders of nature that surrounds it.
The Atas Residence (main bedroom) offers the luxury of a vast living space, which opens out onto spectaculars view of the sea.
Guests staying in the Bawah Residence (ground floor room) have direct access to the private swimming pool, just steps away from the foot of their two single beds. The Penghulu's House has many little comfort zones where one can sprawl, nap or daydream all day long.
Fun Fact : A Penghulu is the most important person in a Malay village. It means "head of the people" and as the Tok Penghulu, he is therefore most respected.
Room Facilities : air conditioning, safe box, mini-bar, satellite TV, free Wifi / cable, CD/DVD player, bathrobe, hair-dryer, plunge pool, kitchenette.


Facilities Available

  • Spa / Massage
  • Main Swimming Pool
  • Restaurant
  • Lounge / Bar
  • Boat
  • Trekking / Hiking
  • Fishing
  • Free Wifi / cable
  • Laundry
  • Bike / mountain bike



Nearest Airport : Tioman Airport (TOD) - 12 km
Nearest Ferry Station : Kampung Genting - 5 km

Useful Information

Credit cards accepted : Visa, Master Card, American Express
Total number of rooms : 13
Annual Closing : open all year
Time zone : GMT+08:00
Latitude and longitude : Latitude 2.74575 Longitude 104.122075


Kampung Lanting, 86800 Pulau Tioman, Pahang Darul Makmur, Malaysia


A Six-Night Exclusive Package from 6,400 RM for 2 persons

2 nights stay in the Luxe Crib at Villa Samadhi and 4 nights stay in Jungle Luxe Sarang / Hillside Sarang at JapaMala Resort
- Return airport transfer from KLIA/LCCT
- Return airport transfer from Subang Skypark
- Return airport transfer from Tioman Airport
- 1 Hour Javanese massage for two persons at the Spa
- A romantic 7-course set dinner for two at the Beach Front Pavillion with a bottle of wine
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