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Take a leisurely 3-day journey down the Mekong River in Southern Laos to witness one of the region’s most remarkable treasures, the mythical UNESCO World Heritage site of Vat Phou, considered the birthplace of Khmer architecture. Featuring 12 cabins, the boutique river-borne hotel will take you through timeless landscapes, accentuated by the stunning Si Phun Don, the “4,000 Islands,” and Southeast Asia’s largest waterfalls at Pha Pheng.

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Vessel Facilities & Highlights

Cuisine on board
All meals are included on the cruise. The galley produces fine Lao, Viet and Thai dishes, lovingly prepared and beautifully presented, served on the main deck. Some dinners offer beautiful Lao village in background over the Mekong, while the boat docks for the night.
A cruise through time
All Vat Phou Mekong Cruises itineraries start or finish in Pakse and last for 3 days/2 nights. The cruise down itinerary cruises downriver starting at the UNESCO World Heritage Vat Phou ruins, continuing to the mysterious Oum Moung ruins, 4,000 Islands and finishing at the Pha Pheng waterfall. The cruise up itinerary does exactly the same cruise in reverse, starting at the Pha Pheng waterfall, continuing upriver to the 4000 Islands, Oum Muong Ruins and finishing at the Vat Phou ruins.

Your Host & The Team

“Vat Phou crews are local villagers from along the southern end of the Mekong River in Laos, providing income to communities we visit. While learning the importance of hygiene and living in a healthy environment, they are still continuing to improve their English and customer service skills through regular training programs. All crew on the boat live and work in harmony and consider one other as family. This is the beauty of the Vat Phou Cruise.”

Welcome to Champasak–Pakse

Located in Southern Laos, Pakse is the largest city in Champasak Province. Begin exploring the region in Pakse. Witness a fascinating alms giving ceremony at Wat Luan. The large and lovely temple is also home to a Buddhist monk school. Wander around the old market and rice paddy fields at Ban Keosamphanh. Glimpse at the Champasak Provincial Museum’s artefacts. Filled with restaurants and bars, spend the evening wandering around the popular Mekong Bank.

Set on a hillside with stunning Mekong River views, discover the birthplace of Khmer architecture at Vat Phou. Located near Champassak townshop, the UNESCO World Heritage site is even older than Angkor Wat. Take a short walk through the jungle to see the mysterious Oum Muong ruins built during the 9th century. Meet the lowland Buddhist Lao people who live in small riverside villages to learn about their traditions and customs. Experience timeless landscapes including the stunning Si Phun Don (4,000 Islands) and Pha Pheng, Southeast Asia’s largest waterfalls. Spot a rare blue-grey Irrawaddy dolphin. The locals believe these dolphins are reincarnated humans that possess a human spirit. A world of its own.

Useful Information

Cruising Areas: Mekong River (Southern Laos)
Length: 34 m
Beam: 7.50m
Number of Cabins: 12
Annual Docking: June
Time zone: (GMT+07:00) Hanoi
Currency accepted: USD, LAK
Electricity voltage: 220V
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