Salila Expeditions offer seafaring adventure through remote parts of Indonesia, with the comfort of a luxury private 10-cabin yacht.
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Vessel Description

Cruise, dive, snorkel, and kayak around Eastern Indonesia (Komodo, Ambon, Raja Ampat) onboard this spacious 10-cabin private-charter yacht to marvel at the remote frontier’s stunning natural seascapes. Reflecting the beauty of the sea with white, cream and blue shades, its modern design features textures ranging from white oak and limestone to mother of pearl and crackled coconuts.

Cabin Description

Vessel Facilities & Highlights

Salila Expeditions highlight
Jacuzzi on main deck.
Salila Expeditions highlight
The Chef prepares his suggestions on your request. Cooking classes can be arranged on board.
Salila Expeditions highlight
The Bar is most popular spot on board to gather and share a cocktail with other guests before or after dinner.
Salila Expeditions highlight
Diving, snorkeling, kayaking, banana boat, wakeboard, paddle board… can be arranged for you.

Your Host & The Team

About the owners:

We aim to promote and protect Indonesia's unique marine biodiversity. Previously from Japan and remodelled in Jakarta, Salilla’s luxurious interior design reflects our close connection to the sea. Join us on the deck to relish the fresh breeze while cruising past islands, observing dolphins, and embracing clear nights filled with thousands of stars.”

Sample itinerary: Ambon, Moluccas

When Christopher Columbus first set sail during the 15th century, it was not his intention to discover America. Back then, like many other European explorers, he was looking for spices in the Moluccas (Maluku). Located in the eastern Indonesian archipelago, these islands were the sole producers of nutmeg, cloves, and other precious spices, which fetched their weight in gold in Medieval Europe. We are here to experience what Columbus never got to see.

Located North of the Banda Sea, off the Southwest coast of the much larger Seram Island, we will explore the capital of Malaku, Ambon to witness its rich cultural heritage.

At over 6500 metres below sea level, the Banda Sea is one of Indonesia's deepest oceans. We will sail through these waters and pass by a string of picturesque small volcanic islands. To enhance our journey, we will also snorkel and dive around beautiful coral reefs filled with a rich variety of marine life.

Contact us to capture the beauty of the Moluccas and Eastern Indonesia’s other enchanting destinations.

Welcome to East Indonesia

Adventure seekers in search of something truly remote will delight in the little visited islands strewn throughout East Indonesia. Discover Flores in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Meaning “flowers” in Portuguese, this large island is laden with beaches, active volcanoes and ethos. See the enormous and fearsome komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizards at the nearby UNESCO World Heritage site Komodo National Park. The park spans across several islands including Komodo, home to one of Earth’s only pink sand beaches. This region is also highly regarded for diving.

Further east, soak in the Moluccas’ aromatic smells. Fondly called the Spice Islands, and famous for their nutmeg, cloves and mace, these lavish mountainous islands are filled with rainforests, sago plantations and rice paddies. Delight in the captivating views around the small volcanic Banda Islands. Home to the world’s richest marine life, underwater adventures await in Papua’s beautiful Raja Ampat Islands. Completely unspoilt, myriad bird species and reptiles live there. Be welcomed by Papua’s Asmat people, and witness their ceremonies, culture and way of life. Surrounded by towering peaks, the lush and fertile Baliem Valley is home to three main tribes: the Dani, Lani and Yali who dwell amidst breathtaking nature. Enrapturing isolated havens—East Indonesia.

Useful Information

Cruising Areas: Eastern Indonesia (Komodo, Ambon, Raja Ampat)
Length: 56m
Beam: 9m
Number of Cabins: 10 ( 2 master Suites+ 2 semi-master cabins+ 6 Regular cabins)
Time zone: (GMT+09:00) Tokyo
Currency accepted: IDR
Electricity voltage: 220V
Electricity plug type:  
Eastern Indonesia (Komodo, Flores, Raja Ampat). All designated airport pick ups are included.


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33° C

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